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SINGLE-PHASE WELDING TRANSFORMERS as always, TRE.CI designs and builds its own welding transformers. NGLE-PHASE WELDING TRANSFORMERS as always, TRE.CI designs and builds its o

  • For alternating current spot welders: single-phase transformers

  • For direct current spot welders: triple-phase transformers with diodes in hexa-phase bridge mounted on the secondary

  • For spot welders with average frequency: transformers with or without diodes

Only first choice core laminations varnished with low loss or with oriented grains are used for its fabrication.

For primary winding, double isolated copper thread or metal straps are used, and during the winding process it is resin-bonded again, as well.

The secondary winding always in copper ribbon, beginning with 15 KVA, is always cooled using circulating water.

The finished transformer is impregnated with epoxidated resins to eliminate cavities and air bubbles.

More controls are handled during its fabrication:

  • Immediately following the primary winding
  • Once the transformer has been completed with secondary winding and core laminator
  • Prior to the resin casting
  • Installed in the machine
The available strengths are single-phase 2,4,8,13,22,38,45,60,80 KVA and triple-phase 15, 40,70,100,220  KVA.

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Tre.Ci since 1977

TRE.CI is a small company founded in 1977 and since then millions of spots made with welding machines that carry this name were made.

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