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Welders for microwelding MICRO series
To this series belong the welders used only for highly precise microwelding. There are the bench versions for single or double mechanically or pneumatically operated spotwelding. It is also possible to have a manual version with guns and punches of different kinds.
The bench version is particularly fit for production of work pieces that can be brought under the electrodes. While the manual version is fit to weld workpieces that cannot be moved.
Pedal control, mechanical or with a pneumatic cylinder, indicated for small welding operations (lamp filaments, electrical component terminals, thermocouples, etc.)


PAT 1 is the smallest bench welding machine of our production. Built in aluminium, it features the electrode slide moving on precision sphere runners. The arms of the electrode slide, with a hole with dia. 6, are mounted on steerable supports and can adapt to countless conditions. The electrode can be moved with the mechanic pedal or with the pneumatic cylinder, but the pressure regulation system is identical for both versions and is based on the compression of a spring and a latch. This makes both the force exerted by the operator on the pedal as well as the pneumatic force irrelevant, and furthermore, the response of the spring is much faster than that of the pneumatic system. The transformers available for the alternate current version are the 2/4 and 8 KVA, with the electronic commands R1 or R4. For the continuous current versions, instead, the inverter 15 KHz is available, with currents of 2500, 3000 or 6000 Amp, supplied with a constant current command.
The classic application areas are the following: electronic component welding, thermocouples, light bulbs, costume jewels, goldsmith’s art, etc.
Many of these welding machines were sold in the laboratories of the most important universities in Italy and abroad.

PAT 12

PAT 12 is supplied for SERIES WELDING where there is no connection with the inferior part and the transformer is connected to the 2 superior electrodes. It is used to asembly RICHARGEABLE PILES for this aim 2 model are made BAT 1 and BAT 2 that meet the needs related to this product. Both models can weld batteries ranging from 5 mm to 200 mm.

PAT 12 A (pneumatic version only) for SEQUENCE WELDING, it is possible to weld 2 spots in sequence using the same transformer and the same powersource but it is possible to diversify the 2 spot through an electronic control.

PAT 12 C for SIMULTANEOUS WELDING with 2 transformers and 2 different controls.

The recommanded powers for these welders (PAT 1 e PAT 12) are:




Manual microwelder comprises a box (PUNT 10) with the electronic control, the transformer and the SCR group to which different clamps and single or double springing or not flexible punches can be connected.


Una microsaldatrice di dimensioni contenute, portatile, ma con le caratteristiche elettriche e meccaniche simili a quelle da banco.
Slitta portaelettrodo scorrevole su pattini a sfere e azionata pneumaticamente, ma con regolazione della pressione tramite la compressione di una molla per una maggiore precisione e velocità di risposta.
Elettrodi diam. 6 mm con supporto inferiore regolabile in più posizioni per consentire di adattarsi a lavori particolari.
Versione standard con trasformatore da 4 KVA , 230 V. e con comando elettronico CS2 a singolo impulso di saldatura, ma per esigenze diverse sono a disposizione potenze fino a 8 KVA e comandi multi funzioni.
E’ disponibile, anche la versione ad inverter in corrente continua.

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TRE.CI is a small company founded in 1977 and since then millions of spots made with welding machines that carry this name were made.

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