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Compact Series

The compact series comprises welding heads of the PAT series which are sold without bench to be assembled in automatic lines, rotating tables or as manual workstation assembled on any bench.
Like the TAC series it can be coupled with any transformer.

The available models are:
  • COMPACT 2 single spot with a pressure at 6 bar of 48 daN, it can be joined to monophase AC transformers up to 25 KVA and to three-phase CC up to 40 KVA.

  • COMPACT 2x2 double spot, it has the same electric and mechanism characteristics of COMPACT 2.

  • COMPACT 3 single spot with a pressure at 6 bar of 110 daN. It can be joined to monophase AC transformers up to 60 KVA and to three-phase CC transformers up to 100 KVA.
Head in aluminium, electrode holder slides on ball bearings. The table prearranged to receive tools, slanting or vertical electrodes permit to change (COMPACT 2X2) the welding distance from 10 mm to 60 mm.

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Tre.Ci since 1977

TRE.CI is a small company founded in 1977 and since then millions of spots made with welding machines that carry this name were made.

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