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People applaying to the technicians of TRE.CI have problems to solve, not only a maChine to buy.
The choice of the machine depends on the welding to be made and not, as it often happens, on the power and other technical characteristics of a welder.

Nevertheless with the passing of the time our firm has realized some heads that can be rated standard and that can be joined to different transformers because not always the group "high power + heavy head" solves the problem, some weldings of special materials may require high electric power but very low pressure and others, great mechanical pressure with very low electric power.

Our current production is mainly based on bench machines PAT and DPT that are complete and autonomous welding workstations, they include:
the bench with aluminium outlines, top in wood lined with laminated plastic a metallic box with lock containing the pneumatic system (electrovalves, pressure control and filters) and the power group SCR group and automatic switch ergonomic panel with welding control welding head with electrodes transformer.

The MICRO series is produced for micro weldings only and both the bench version and the portable one is available.

The welding heads assembled on the bench can also be supplied separate to be mounted on special sets (in this case they are called COMPACT).

Some heads are produced for special applications even if sometimes they can be assembled on the TAC bench. With the heads for the special applications we supply all the parts necessary to realize a welding station (TRANSFORMERS,CONTROLS...)


Bench dual spot welders BAT SERIES

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The electronic controls for the management of our welders satisfy the most frequent needs

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Micro Series

Welders for microwelding MICRO series

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Bench dual spot welders DPT series

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Welders with floating head with self-centering electrodes

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Tre.Ci since 1977

TRE.CI is a small company founded in 1977 and since then millions of spots made with welding machines that carry this name were made.

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